Employee Value Proposition in the Post Pandemic Work

August Leadership hosted its Global Talent Acquisition Leaders Forum’s third virtual event on October 26, 2021, on the topic ‘Employee Value Proposition in the Post Pandemic World’.

We had a great panel, with Talent Acquisition Leaders from across 3 continents:

    • Diane Circo, Talent Acquisition Leader, Siemens
    • David Biu, Head of Executive Search, PwC
    • Irene Santos, Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition and Vice President of HR for HR, TD Bank
    • Derek Hall, Group Executive: Organisational Effectiveness, Liquid Intelligent Technologies

This session moderated by our Partner Tiffany Goodlet, and hosted by our Partners Umran Beba and Jerry McGrath revealed 5 key learnings regarding:

Wider Talent Aperture

As businesses across the globe recover from the effects of the pandemic, Talent Acquisition(TA) leaders are feeling the pressure to keep up with demand for new talent and fill in the gaps from #GreatResignation. This has increased partnership and collaboration between hiring managers and talent acquisition teams like never before. TA Leaders have been able to reduce Time to Hire rates by simplifying the hiring process, leveraging video conferencing and removing multiple interview rounds with panels.

TA leaders are also advising business unit leaders and hiring managers to widen talent pools (geographies and industry sectors) and helping them to convert more of the candidates already in the funnel faster, without compromising quality of hires.

Hiring with Purpose

An organization’s Employee Value Proposition is becoming more purpose driven. TA leaders are drawing in top talent by connecting candidates with organizational purpose.

It is about growth, impact, care and bringing people and businesses together to achieve a shared vision. Employment is no longer about simply showing up to work, it is about social impact and making the world a better place.

Mobility, Hybrid work, and Flexible Timing

TA leaders are using the ‘business necessity’ lens when evaluating relocation, rethinking expectations and requirements. This has allowed greater flexibility around job location, widened talent pools, and kept jobs competitive for top global talent.

Companies are also rethinking the traditional 9 – 5 office work shifts and offering greater flexibility in terms of where you work and when.

Leaders and managers are encouraged to spend more time with their teams to build trust, listen and share genuine feedback.

Rewards, Recognition, and Performance

Companies are leaving behind outdated traditional performance rating systems and introducing more open discussions around performance, growth, and motivation.

These open discussions emphasize continuous quality dialogue between managers and employees. Instead of spending time discussing a rating, managers are able to discuss openly with employees their aspirations, what motivates them and how they want to be recognized and rewarded using more individualized and impactful tools.

Companies are also proactively assessing total reward packages to ensure they are competitive and well positioned to attract and retain top talent. #Greatrenegotiation is becoming another major trend that TA and HR leaders are addressing.

Social and Mental Wellbeing 

Social and mental wellbeing are important aspects of overall health that for a long time we’ve had to compromise or completely ignore. The pandemic has dramatically changed how people view their own physical, mental, and social wellbeing and businesses are now paying attention.

Leaders and managers are encouraged to improve the time that they are spending individually and together with their teams. They are using more empathetic techniques to understand how employees are doing and companies are running more targeted pulse surveys to gauge how people are feeling at work and avoid burnout.

We would like to thank our speakers, Diane, David, Irene and Derek for sharing these valuable insights, and all those who participated in the event from across the globe.

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